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The Cleanup Blitz

One of my favorite housekeeping and parenting tips is to employ the “cleanup blitz.” It’s simply a quick and easy way to keep the house tidy so that the day can run more efficiently. It’s also another great opportunity to teach your kids home stewardship and life skills!

Benefits of The Cleanup Blitz

  • Teaches your kids to tidy up after themselves
  • Household stewardship
  • Encourages team work
  • Keeps house tidy for a more efficient and enjoyable day
  • Provides another opportunity for teaching life skills
  • Quick and easy!

How to Use the Clean Up Blitz

We use the cleanup blitz for transition times in our home. I simply say “time for a cleanup blitz!” and off we go! Our blitzes often happen before lunch, before naps or bedtime, before school time, and before leaving the house. Once it becomes a habit, each child quickly does their job and can be done in about 5-10 minutes.

When we aren’t gearing up to leave the house, I inspect their work. If it’s not up to standard, they go back and finish and possibly do another related chore before moving on to the next part of the day.

Cleanup Blitz Cards

I’ve created some really simple and easy Cleanup Blitz Cards to help you get started. They include pictures for the pre-readers and blank cards so you can create your own.

Here’s how to use your Cleanup Blitz Cards:

  • Assign each child one or more card and mark them with their initials.
  • Spend some time in hands-on training, helping them master cleaning that area up to your standards.
  • Use the checklist on the cards for self-inspection or inspection by Mom.
  • Use the Extra Chores section for ideas on chores you can add to their task if they are being lazy in their work.
  • Marking the card with a star is a great way to encourage diligence and a job well done!

Download your Cleanup Blitz Cards and get started today!


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  1. Love this idea!

  2. I cannot find the link to download these….. Am I just overlooking it?

    1. Click on the link where it says “Download your Clean Up Blitz Cards and get started today!”

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