Ways to Energize Your Homeschool When Cabin Fever Hits

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Now that the holiday rush from Halloween through Christmas is long behind us and the daily routine starts to feel more like a grind, I find that my boys and I often get a little antsy.  So it is the perfect time to consider ways to energize your homeschool when cabin fever hits.

Ways to Energize Your Homeschool When Cabin Fever Hits Pin

Take a trip to your local library and have everyone pick out some fun books and videos.

Visiting the Library for Fun

I am always amazed at how the boys will sometimes pick something ‘heavy’ to read or an interesting documentary to watch that I might not have considered.  The beauty of this is that they are still learning yet more motivated as they chose the materials.  Even my preschool son enjoys the chance to check out books we don’t own and then have someone (mom, dad, or a big brother) read to him.

Bring math and science into the kitchen

Cooking in the KitchenYou can do so much hands on learning just by baking and cooking with your child.  For a younger child, learning about measurement is a great math skill.  For other children, you can kick it up a notch by having them halve, double or triple a recipe.  Science comes into play as you have chemical reactions happening when you bake something as well as a change that occurs when you cook food.  I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love to see those changes happening.  The older the child, the more you might talk about what is happening.  You can even add nutrition discussions for all ages, too.

Embrace Their Inner Engineer

Building With KNex

This is another activity that never seems to get old for the kids I know.  Whether you use Legos, K’Nex or MegaBlocks building sets, there is something both entertaining and satisfying about building a project with these pieces. Even I enjoy building with Legos!  You could let them use their own imagination to create items OR you could give them a challenge.  We have the LEGO Creationary game in the house that is best explained as Pictionary with Legos.  Only, the game set has limited bricks which makes the game that much more challenging.

Get Creative and Maybe Even a Little Messy

Art is something that my boys enjoy when we do it.  However, it often gets pushed aside for their ‘main’ subjects.  This makes it a great activity for those days when cabin fever hits.  You could go simple with a writing utensil and paper or get messy with paints.  Maybe you can start in the kitchen by making some homemade play-dough and then set your little sculptors loose with the dough and see what they make.

A less messy way to tap into their creativity is to write and illustrate stories.  If you have a rather reluctant reader, you might have them write their story in comic strip format instead of prose.

Take to the Outdoors

Sledding FunHere at my Alaskan home, the ground can be covered with snow for around 7 months of the year.  Depending upon the conditions, the boys might be sledding, building a snow fort, playing tag (which is more challenging in the snow) or even attempting to build a snowman.  Heading away from our yard means hiking, snow shoeing or cross country skiing.

Play Games Together

Connect Four Brother Tournament

In our house, this can be either a board game or a video game that is done multi-player format.  If I really need the boys to get some energy out and it’s just too cold and miserable outside, we go for some physical games with the Wii instead such as Just Dance.
When all else fails, it could be the perfect day to just take a break, snuggle up in pajamas and enjoy each others company whether reading a story together or watching a favorite show.
What are some  of your ways to energize your homeschool when cabin fever hits?

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  1. 7 months of snow??!! And I complain about 3! God bless you! Anyway, we love to do science experiments with everyday kitchen ingredients. YouTube has some great tutorials on this.

    1. Shelly,

      After writing this with our typical winter in Alaska, we ended up with a really mild one. The snow on the ground around our house was gone by early May. Although, we just had a cold front which brought a few inches to the higher elevations yesterday.

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