How Much Time Do You Lose Sending Your Child To School?

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A few years ago I performed some simple math calculations on how much time is missed by sending your child to school outside of the home.  First, I performed the general math for how much time my children were spending away from me, but I decided that this math probably wasn’t as accurate for most families.

My next attempt was to take into consideration that, on average, parents of children who are schooled outside of the home are only spending three (3) quality hours each day with their child.  Based upon these calculations, parents would be missing SIX YEARS with their child by the time they graduate!  I can’t imagine missing six years, can you?

How Much Time Do You Lose Sending Your Child To School?

When you gather things together in a pile and look at them as a whole it is an eye-opening experience.  Telling a parent that they are only spending 22.5 days with their child during the school year (not including weekends and school holidays) isn’t as shocking… telling a parent they are missing SIX YEARS with their child – that is shocking! To think that parents everywhere are trading six years with their children is saddening to me.  I want to walk around our public school’s car rider pickup lane with a megaphone yelling “Don’t miss six years with your child!”

Whenever I, or someone I know, becomes discouraged with homeschooling, I think of my children at six years old.  I think of how much they grew, how much they learned, and how much I held them during those first years.  That time with them that is extremely valuable to me and my family.  To me, the time with my children is more important than the stress of schooling, more important than feeling like I am failing them, and certainly more important than giving up!

How Much Time Do You Lose Sending Your Child To School?

You lose a six year-old child! What parent would knowingly give that up?


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  1. You’re so right. I have eleven children, and my oldest is 20 and no longer living at home. I feel like it went so fast. I want to cherish every minute with them!

  2. It saddens me too. I’m blessed that we can homeschool and that I get all that extra time with my kids. But I think you need to be careful how you say it, “What parent would knowingly give that up?” sounds kind of judgmental considering some may already feel guilty about it …I’m sure there are many parents who would love to homeschool but just can’t for whatever reason.

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