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Welcome to Letter X in The ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays. This post is written by Misty from Simply Helping Him.

Each year as my children get older they seem to come up with new questions. Questions whose answers will help shape their beliefs and who they will become.

One such question that I must begin to prepare for is why I personally choose to capitalize CHRIST in CHRISTmas and why I don’t like the current common term “Xmas”.

As Christians we are called to teach our children throughout all we do (Deut. 6:7-9), and at Christmas we must teach our children that Christ is to be at the center of all we do. He is the reason for celebration.


The Letter “X” in Xmas

Most Christians are aware that the letter “X” in Xmas is said to represent the Hebrew letter “chi” which resembles our letter “X”.

While this is true, I do not like the term. My biggest issue is that the world has taken a Christian celebration and turned it into a fairy tale, gift getting time for children and adults alike. All under the title “Xmas”.

Looking around the stores this season you’ll find an abundance of “Xmas”, “Happy Holidays”, and “Seasons Greetings”. Christ’s name is no longer used in most of the CHRISTmas decor, wrapping paper or cards.

We as Christians may be well informed that the “X” in Xmas stands for Christ, but I’m afraid we’d find most people aren’t aware of this fact.

Xmas in the World

Xmas to the world includes a beautifully decorated tree, twinkling lights, sparkling presents, Santa Claus and holiday parties.

Where we once saw manger scenes on front lawns we now find snowmen, penguins, Santa and reindeer.

What used to be a beautiful remembrance of the Savior’s birth has become a day of festivities and gifts.

Why I Write CHRISTmas

Personally I love writing Christ’s name in caps within the word CHRISTmas. In this simple act I find that it helps me to remember what it’s all about.

  • The CHRISTmas tree reminds me of the cross Christ died on for me.
  • The CHRISTmas lights resemble the stars in the sky the night Jesus was born.
  • The CHRISTmas gifts are a picture of those given to Christ from the wisemen long ago.
  • The CHRISTmas cards are a way to share Christ’s love with others.

“X” isn’t for Me

So while I know “chi” in Hebrew resembles “X”, it does not have the same impact on my heart and mind.

I do not believe that Xmas speaks of Christ to the world. Since we are to be a light to the world, I do not see that changing CHRISTmas to Xmas is doing that.

I don’t want to look like the world either. I don’t want to write Christ out of any part of my life, much less the day we remember His birth.

Christ is the center of CHRISTmas, and I must teach my children to keep Him there. The world is so ready to write Him out of everything. We must be diligent to keep Him in our homes, hearts and all we do.


These are some of the answers I must be ready to give my children in regards to “Xmas”. I’ve just begun preparing for this conversation as the question hasn’t been asked yet. I do know it will come someday, and I must be prepared for it.

What topics have you had to broach with your children this CHRISTmas season?

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