Frugal Family Christmas Traditions

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5 Frugal Family Christmas Traditions

Here are some great suggestions for frugal family Christmas traditions:

Christmas Craft

Each Christmas season pick a craft to do as a family.  It can be individual items or one item the family works on together.  For instance, you can make garland, a tree skirt, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, centerpieces or paint terracotta mini pots for votive candles (turn the terracotta pot upside down and place the candle on top).  Make something you use during the holiday so it serves as a fun tradition and an item you will use for years to come.  You will treasure these items of Christmas past as you decorate your home while saving money on decorations.

Christmas Cartoon Afternoon

Every year the Burl Ives cartoons delight old and new generations of Christmas lovers.  You need not go further than your living room to build a free Christmas tradition by watching old and new cartoons as a family.  I use my DVR to record the shows and we take out an afternoon to watch several.  Throw in hot cocoa and a blanket and you started a tradition your children will continue with their own children.  This idea is simple, inexpensive, and filled with sweet memories.

Wrap it Up

Another simple but memorable tradition can be as easy as wrapping the presents.  Wrap your children’s presents using different wrapping paper for each of them.  You would be surprised how this simple detail will delight your children and make them feel special.  If purchasing the wrapping paper is costly then differentiate by a color of bow or tag.   Another way would be to get the family involved and allow each child to make the other child’s wrapping paper by decorating mailing paper.

Trimming the Tree

Make decorating the tree a special family event.  On the day you decorate the tree bake cookies and make punch.  During the decorating have the cookies baking and ready to be served once the tree is finished.  Give each child a special job like helping with the lights, putting up the garland, or handing out the ornaments to be hung.  Allow small children to hang ornaments on the lower portion of the tree while older children decorate the top.  Rotate who puts the star on the top of the tree and who gets to plug the Christmas tree in for the first time.

Homemade Ornaments 

Nothing is sweeter than items made by the hands of a child.  Gather as a family and make ornaments to decorate your tree.  You can be as simple or as complex as you like.  As the years pass your tree will be filled with precious memories that are worth more than any store bought ornament.


This post is part of our 25 Frugal Days of Christmas series and it was written by Richele from Under the Golden Apple Tree.

Richele is a history-loving, homeschooling mom to four children.  Her homeschooling journey began 10 years ago and, since then, she has taught everything from tying shoelaces to physics. Because her background in Educational Psychology did not cover removing Play Doh from the carpet or balancing a laundry basket on her head while teaching Biology, she considers herself learning on the job.  You can find her blogging at Under the Golden Apple Tree and Moms of Dyslexics.  She also loves to hide her nose Photoshop creating designs for her company, Crisp Apple Design.

25 Frugal Days of Christmas at Frugal Homeschool Family

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