DIY Scripture Inspired Ornament Tutorial

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I have a beautiful, easy ornament for you today! It is very simple to make and so meaningful.

scripture inspired ornament

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This ornament has so many very special memories to me! I will cherish it for years!

My ornament pictured above holds the scriptures of some very special ladies to me! This ornament was put together by my women’s small group from our previous church (before we moved) . These ladies are all so special to me and I miss them dearly! Making this ornament a very special piece to me!

What You Need to Make Your Ornament:

How to Make Your Ornament:

You could do this a couple of ways.

  • You could make this with a group of people that are special to you OR
  • You could make it or some one special to you.

1. Cut your strips of paper. I use 12×12 scrapbook paper and I cut them in 1 inch by 12 inch strips.

2. Write your favorite scriptures on each piece of paper. When doing this in a group, each person writes their favorite scripture on their paper. For example, if there are 10 people in your group, each person would need 10 pieces of paper and would write their chosen scripture on each of the 10 pieces of paper (same scripture over and over) If you are making this for someone, you could chose any number of scriptures to write on several strips of paper. (*Note: I like using several different patterns or colors of paper. However, you want to make sure the pattern is faint enough that you can write over it.)

3. Remove the brass hanger carefully from the top of the ornament.

4. Roll your paper tight, in a little coil. It has to be small enough to fit in that little hole! But once your drop it thought, it will spread out. Stuff them all in

5. There you have it! A beautiful ornament filled with many special scriptures that you can cherish for years.

Yes, it is true, you have no way to read them. You could type them all out on a piece of paper to give with the gift or if you are doing it with a group, one person could make up a list. I am just happy knowing that there are beautiful words from some special ladies inside this glass ornament.

I also just found this option on Amazon:Clear Plastic Acrylic Fillable Ball Ornament . This would be a nice option if you don’t mind acrylic and you want to be able to read the scriptures that you put inside. These ornaments are made in two halves that snap together. I am kind of liking that option too!


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