Crystal Snowflake Ornaments Tutorial

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Handmade gifts are a wonderful way to give something personal to the people in your life and also stay within a budget. But when it comes to finding gifts for kids to make, it is sometimes hard to come up with a project that adults will actually appreciate receiving. As much as we adults treasure the sweetness of a child’s effort, many kids’ craft projects end up kind of junky looking.

That is one of the reasons I like these Crystal Snowflake Ornaments. Kids (or adults!) create snowflake shapes using pipe cleaners, then allow them to soak in a borax and water solution overnight. Crystals will form along the pipe cleaner, making a sparkly ornament ideal for gift giving! You can take this idea and expand it, if you’d prefer to make different shapes. We have made hearts, letters, stars and more.

One caveat: this is not an appropriate project for very young children who might be tempted to put them in their mouths!

Crystal Snowflake Ornaments via and
These snowflakes never melt. Hang them in the window or on your Christmas tree to catch gleams of light, and maybe even a rainbow!

Crystal Snowflake Ornaments


• pipe cleaners
• wire cutters
• fishing line or thread/string
• cooking pot that you will not use for food **
• borax (we use 20 Mule Team Borax, found in the laundry section)
• water
• dowel/pencil
• paper clips


  1. Create snowflake shapes using pipe cleaners. Try using different colored pipe cleaners for different effects.
  2. Tie a loop of thread, string or fishing line to the top of each snowflake.
  3. Fill a pot with water and heat until it boils.
  4. Remove the pot from the stove and stir in borax until the water is saturated (if you see borax floating in the water you’ll know it’s saturated).
  5. Slide paperclips onto the loops of your pipe cleaner snowflakes and then slide the paperclips onto the dowel or pencil.
  6. Lay the dowel across the top of the pot and let the snowflakes float loose in the water. Adjust them along the dowel so that they are not touching each other, or the sides or bottom of the pot. Add or remove paperclips to lower or raise the snowflakes in the liquid until they are covered but not touching the bottom.
  7. Leave the snowflakes and pot undisturbed for at least twelve hours, until the crystals are the size you like.
  8. Let the snowflakes dry then hang them or wrap them as gifts!
  9. Note: keep these out of reach of little children – they are not edible!!!

** If you don’t have a beat-up old pot for crafts, go to a thrift shop or garage sale and pick one up for pennies. It is much better to have a dedicated pot for craft use than to hope that you have gotten non-edible materials well enough cleaned out! Borax can be unsafe in large amounts – be careful! Alternately, you can heat the water, pour it into a smaller non-food crafting container then mix in the borax. We like to use a big pot so we can make a lot at once.

Crystal Snowflake Ornaments via and
Can you see the rainbows glinting off the crystals?

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