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This post is part of our ABCs of Homeschooling through the Holidays series. It is for letter “L” {yes, a little out of order, I know. It was my mistake} and was written by Erin from Water on the Floor.

L is for Lapbooking

Do you like to take a break from your regular school schedule during the holidays? We certainly do. But I always like to create a learning environment even when we are not doing “school” work. One of the activities my kids love to do the most during our down time is lapbooking. There are so many things to learn in a fun and hands-on way!


For years I stayed away from lapbooks. I assumed they would take forever to put together and would be a pain with all of the pieces and parts. But I was wrong. And the best part is the kids love them! So who am I to argue with that?


Did you know there are lapbooks for just about every holiday? Some of these not only include fun learning and facts, but also crafts, books, activities, and so much more! There is enough learning to make moms happy and enough fun to make kids happy!


One of the biggest companies that creates lapbooks, A Journey Through Learning, just announced their lapbooks are only $4.50! Perfect time to pick one up to use in December. They also have several express lapbooks for only $1.


Here are a few Christmas themed lapbooks that are free:

12 Days of Christmas

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Symbols Lapbook

The Birth of Christ Lapbook (this is the one the kids were completing in the pictures)

Here are some that cost a little bit, but are well worth it since they usually contain fun “extras”.

Knowledge Box Central

In the Hands of a Child

The Highlights of Homeschooling

Homeschool Bits

So if you are a mom like me that has been putting lapbooks off for a while, I think you should reconsider. Your kids will have such a good time learning about Christmas and everyone will enjoy the break from regular school work:)

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