A Frugal Family Christmas Service Project

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Our frugal Christmas idea is a tradition we have done for the last two years and we will do again this year. We are sharing last year’s post with you, since this year’s hasn’t quite come yet and as we can only share it after Christmas, which means you would miss out doing this with your family, if we waited.

ServicesChristmasall3wOur frugal Christmas idea is a tradition we have done for the last two years and we will do again this year. We are sharing last year’s post with you, since this year’s hasn’t quite come yet and as we can only share it after Christmas, which means you would miss out doing this with your family, if we waited. Inspired by our first visit were we delivered goodies to the firehouse on Christmas Eve, we wanted to continue and make it a yearly tradition and since Nico is so fascinated with anything related to fire trucks, ambulances and police cars, it was an easy choice.
Ingredients CollageSo after some considerations as to what to make and almost as many that we scrapped again, we finally decided on chocolate dipped Spritzgebaeck that we put together with my mom from Germany…

Breakfast cookies - adding wet ingredients

…and our very own version of a breakfast cookie and Nico had upped the ante by also wanting to bring cookies to the EMS and the police instead of just the firefighters, so triple of what we had originally planned, but hey, we are always up for a challenge 🙂

Packaging CollageAnd he, of course, also packed the tins for everyone himself!

Ready CollageOriginally we had wanted to go to again on Christmas Eve, but in the end we opted for the morning of Christmas Day, which in the end symbolizes the Christmas spirit even more, for the public servants that are sacrificing the holiday to be there for us for any emergency.

Firemen CollageSo first off we went to the fire station with Nico bringing his fireman costume and his firefighter bear 🙂 The fireman opening the door for us was the same one that opened last year, so he was not as surprised to see us as he was the year before. Overall there were three firemen that had been there last year, so they remembered both Nico and, of course, the goodies we brought. My parents also had brought a fire chief’s cap from the 1950’s and a badge from Germany and the cap will go into the little display case in the administration part of the fire station. My parents received a badge of the fire station here in return and the firefighters gave Nico little, colourful plush lion (that Nico named Lila) and a t-shirt of the particular crew on duty, way cool! While the firefighters and us were chatting, Nico was just wandering through the truck portion with big eyes and a huge beaming smile on his face, it was like paradise for him! 🙂 The firefighters were very happy that we thought of them (again) and off we went to make our way to the EMS people to spread some more Christmas cheer. Before we did this, though, one of the firemen texted another fireman, who is also an EMS to “warn” him of us coming over (he did not tell anyone else, though).

EMS CollageWhen we got there, we were met with surprised and happy reactions to us bringing some Christmas cookies. The ladies and gentlemen there were so elated to see that there are people out there that appreciate what they are doing and think of them on Christmas Day and they even let Nico into one of the ambulances. They actually had their Christmas lunch planned for the day and now they had their dessert 🙂 One of the paramedics gave us her email address to send her the picture and later confirmed that they loved the cookies and that they did not last long.

Police CollageAnd on to the police as last stop. They probably were the most surprised about the Christmas goodies we had for them, but nevertheless were just as happy to get them.

To see the look of happiness and appreciation on their faces made it so worth it. They are the every day heroes out there that nobody remembers the names of, no matter how big of a danger they are going into. They deserve to see some appreciation and even if it is “only” cookies, it can make a world of difference to them!

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations 🙂

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This post is part of our 25 Frugal Days of Christmas series and was written by Alex & Valerie from Glittering Muffins.

Valerie’s husband, Alex, is is taking most of the photos (which is why you don’t see much of him) and from time to time he will also post about some of the activities that he’s been a part of. He also acts as editor for posts, technical troubleshooter and messes around with the WordPress behind-the-scenes stuff. Other than spending time with Nico and Valerie, he enjoys Heavy Metal, writing reviews about it, football (the European kind, the one here in North America he calls “handegg”) and trying out new twists on food.

25 Frugal Days of Christmas at Frugal Homeschool Family

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