Living Intentionally Challenge- Day 9: Being an Intentional Wife- Keepng the Flame Burning

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I must say, being an intentional wife is fun!

I just love purposefully thinking of ways to make my love smile.

I think we are on to something here. Being intentional brings great joy, not just to ourselves, but to those we love the most.

We’ve learned this week that being an intentional wife means never becoming complacent in our role as wives. It requires constant striving and dedication.

Think back to when you were dating or newlyweds.

Everyday was an adventure.

Your life together was new, exciting and fun. But just because you’ve been married for a few (or more!) years doesn’t mean your relationship should become boring.

Being an intentional wife means doing your share to keep the romance alive.

Here are some fun ideas to keep the spark burning:

  1. Laugh together. Find something each day to laugh about.
  2. FLIRT often! A suggestive wink, a playful tap, keep that passion burning!
  3. Write little love notes. Tuck a romantic note into his lunch bag. Send him a flirty text or email.
  4. Call him just to ask how his day is going and tell him you love him. {Side note – this is not the time to complain about how awful your day has been!}
  5. Have fun together. What activities did you enjoy doing together early in your relationship? Make a point to bring some of these activities back!
  6. Give him your best. Remember those days when you always tried to look your best for him? Bring those days back. {Yes, I know pajamas and pony tails are easier, but he is worth it, isn’t he?}
  7. Spice up your s*x life.
  8. Make it a late dinner night. Put the kids to bed early, cook his favorite meal and eat by candlelight.
  9. Really kiss him. Not just a passing by peck on the lips, but a REAL sensual kiss.
  10. After the kids are in bed, shower or take a nice bubble bath together.
  11. Never underestimate the power of touch. Hold hands when walking together, cuddle while watching tv, hug often, put your arm around him.
  12. Do something nice and unexpected for your man. Make his favorite dessert, buy him a small gift.

The options are endless.

You know your husband.

What will make him smile? What can you do to make him feel undeniably loved today?

Have something in mind?

Now go do it!

Today’s challenge: Do something sweet for your husband. Something that says “I love you and I want you.”

Ladies, the spark is still there. Fan those flames and keep the fire burning.

Be his wife.

Learning to Live Intentionally Challenge

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