Freezer Cooking 101: What do I need to make freezer meals?

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Freezer Meals 101: what do I need?

Freezer meal cooking has totally changed my life!  Seriously, it has taken so much stress out of my day.  I don’t think I would have gotten through our first year of homeschooling if I hadn’t started this when I did.

Today, I want to talk about what you need to freeze your meals.  I don’t do anything too fancy! I try to keep it simple.

*There are the good ole Ziploc Freezer Bags.

These work perfectly well for freezing something things.  I freeze a lot of fruit for smoothies and protein shakes. If I think we will use it quickly, this is my go to. I also freeze soups and things that have a lot of liquid in them in these. I really prefer the ones with zippers so that I know for sure its not coming undone!

*My favorite product is the Ziploc Vacuum Bags.  They are fairly inexpensive and super easy to use!  You need the little hand held pump and the special bags. Each bags has a little circle area and you lay it flat on the counter and pump all the air out of the bag. This works great for meat, fruit, vegetables and some meals that you may package together for slow cooker meals.  I also use these for casseroles. (I’ll be posting about how to do that soon!)

When using bags, I prefer to lay them flat in the freezer. It makes it much easier to store.

* The Food Saver is the most expensive option, but it does work well and I use it when I am freezing a large quantity of things (like last year when my parents brought us enough squash and zucchini for 2 years!) We have also bought a whole ham and divided it up in smaller portions, etc.  It does come with a tube that you can use if you are freezing things with liquid, but it is not my favorite to use in that way.

*Freezer containers like these also work great for freezing soups, jellies, jams, etc.  They are reusable so, they are worth the investment!

* What else do you need?

Some of these!

It is important to label your food! Even if you think you will know what it is, trust me, I often forget. Or sometime I can’t tell the difference in pork or turkey.

I also like to write short directions on the bag, in case my husband is the one starting the meal or in the event that I need to take a meal to a friend to cook at a later time.

You also want to date the bag, some foods do not last as long as others in the freezer.

Here is a list from the FDA on the life of food in the fridge and freezer.

…….and of course, you might want a bigger freezer!!!!

Gather your supplies and join me next month for recipes!

This post was written by Jennifer AKA Our Slow Cooker and Freezer Meals Guru:

She is a wife, mother of three (twins plus one!), and daughter of The King!  They are fairly new on their homeschooling journey.  Her twin boys are in first grade and her little princess is just beginning her preschool days.  They are just a normal family following God’s plan for our family!
She loves to do what she can to make their days a little bit easier. That includes lots of freezer meal preparation and slow cooker meals. She can’t wait to share some tips with you all!

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