10 Simple Ways to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum

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10 Simple Ways to Save Money on Homeschool Curriculum

If you’ve been homeschooling for longer than two hours, you know that curriculum can get expensive quickly. The more children you have, the more expensive it can be. We all need some ideas on how to cut these costs while still providing quality materials for our children.

Here are 10 Simple Ways to Save Money on Curriculum:

  1. Shop used. Do you have a local homeschool consignment shop? If so, go see what they have to offer. Our local shop, The Pilgrim’s Journey in Fayetteville, NC is a gem! They have a HUGE selection at awesome prices. Look around your area {or neighboring cities- it’s worth the drive!}, you might be surprised at what you find. Also- consider looking at thrift shops and children’s consigment sales. These events often have homeschool materials.
  2. Trade curriculum with your homeschooling friends.
  3. Attend homeschool book fairs. One of my favorite part of homeschool conventions is the book fair. There are so many vendors present to answer your questions and give you hands on demonstrations of their products. Often times, prices are cheaper at conventions too.
  4. If you’re a blogger, consider reviewing curriculum for homeschool companies. Many times, companies will provide you with a free copy of their curriculum in exchange for an honest review on your blog.
  5. Reuse what you have. Save your curriculum to use on younger children. There are all kinds of benefits to this- not only financial, but it is also helpful because you already know the curriculum and how to teach it. *Please be sure to check with the publisher to see if photocopying workbook pages are allowed. If not, this is a copyright infringement. Many companies allow photocopying of materials for children within the same family.*
  6. Create your own curriculum. You know your children. You know what they like and how they learn. You are more than capable of creating your own curriculum.
  7. Visit homeschool deals sites {like this site, Educents, Homeschool Giveaways, Teaching with Cents, Blessed Beyond a Doubt, etc}.
  8. Know what works for your family. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve wasted on curriculum because I bought it on impulse and it didn’t end up working for us. If this same thing happens to you, don’t just toss it, try to sell it to recover some of your money. If selling isn’t an option, gift it to another homeschool family.
  9. Set a curriculum budget and stick to it. Those pretty homeschool catalogs are so enticing, but they can completely break your budget if you allow it. Know what you need, buy that and forget the rest.
  10. Use your library. The library is a wealth of resources for homeschool families. Use it! They’ll be happy you did.

Teach Them Diligently Convention has a brand new online curriculum store with deeply discounted prices!! Check them out!

Do you have any additional tips on saving money on curriculum? If so, please share them with us!

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  1. These all look like great ideas, and I’m sure we’ll be doing some of each over the next few years. So far we’ve been creating our own, using the library, and finding free on-line sources. Thank you for the suggestions.

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