5 Things Not To Do on the First Day of School

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Before you read any further, you must know that our first day of school was last Monday and I am guilty of doing all five of these things that I am about to tell you not to do. I promise I’m not being hypocritical here,  I’m advising you against doing them because our first day of school was a disaster and I am to blame.

5 Things NOT To Do on the First Day of a New Homeschool Year

Take my advice…steer clear of these 5 things:

  1. Don’t plan to do every single subject on day one. That is a recipe for disaster. I know you’ve made your lesson plans and you’re excited to dive right in, but take it easy!
  2. Don’t expect perfection. Your children won’t remember everything they learned last year, and that is okay. Allow time for review and discussion. Expect mistakes. We learn by making mistakes and reviewing our errors.
  3. Don’t nag. This was my biggest issue on our not so good first day of school. I spent the majority of the day playing Mommy Drill Sergent. Getting back into the school routine takes time and adjusting. Nagging and expecting 100% compliance from the first day only creates frustration. Spare yourself and your children this unnecessary evil. You’ll be glad you did!
  4. Don’t make it just another school day. Have fun! Celebrate. Make it a special day. Create some memorable first day of school traditions.  The idea is to make your children excited about the new school year, not to fill them with dread.
  5. Don’t allow your lesson plans to run YOU. Lesson plans are a guide. They aren’t meant to be written in stone. Throw your schedule out the window if you need to. So, you spend all day on a science experiment and totally neglect math for the day. That’s okay. Sometimes our best laid lesson plans become thwarted by fun. Sometimes character development takes precedence over History. This my friends is the beauty of homeschooling. Legalism doesn’t fix anything. Start strong from day one.

I woke up the morning of our second day of the school year and called an official first day of school re-do. I avoided all five of these things that hijacked the previous day and we ended up having a fun, successful homeschool day.

Are you preparing for your first day of homeschooling? I pray that it is blessed with fun, love, hugs and patience! Here’s to a great homeschooling year!!

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  1. Good advice, and worth revisiting throughout the year. We all have times when we push too hard and forget to enjoy the journey—the point of living this moment is NOT to only get to some other point in the future (homeschool graduation, for instance), but to LIVE THIS MOMENT. We don’t know what the next moment will bring! I try to remind myself of this daily, but I still fall into the same trap. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Excellent, excellent advice! I have been guilty of being Mommy Drill Sergeant in the past (hopefully I will leave it in the past where it belongs).

    We entered high school last year and it caused lots of trepidation for me. I let it trick me into believing it is soooo different from elementary and junior high that there was no way I was going to do a good job. Well, I might not have done as good a job as I should have last year, but this year I know it will go much better because we are enrolling in the new Time4Learning online high school program. My daughter used them for elementary and junior high and I always hoped they would add high school classes and now they have. I couldn’t be happier!


    Wish us luck as we both spread our wings this year.


  3. So true! We are entering into our second ‘week’ of homeschool and while I pencil’d in what I thought we would do yesterday….that plan was quickly changed.

  4. This is such wonderful advice. We all need to be reminded to relax and enjoy the process of teaching and learning with our children from time to time. Thanks so much for linking up to Discover and Explore this week!

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