10 Simple Ways to Save Money Each Month

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10 Simple Ways to Save Money Every Month

Saving money is something we all want to do, but actually having the discipline to do it is another story!

Here are 10 Simple Ways to Save Money Each Month:

  1. Cut cable! Our family cut out cable over a year ago and it has been a huge help in our monthly budget. The funny thing is, we haven’t even missed it. We traded in our $100/month cable bill for a $7/month Netflix bill and we love it. We actually use Netflix more than we used our cable AND we use Netflix in our homeschool. Double score!!
  2. Plan your meals! Meal planning is the number one thing that helps us save money each month. It saves us by eliminating unnecessary trips to the grocery store, and it prevents eating out because we don’t know what to fix for dinner.
  3. Limit trips to the grocery store {or any store}. This is just common sense. If you aren’t there, you won’t waste money. Plan your grocery trips, make a list and stick to the list.
  4. Grow your own vegetables. We love our vegetable garden. I wish we could have it year-round! Or maybe I just need to get on the canning bandwagon. I know nothing about canning and would love any tips you may have!
  5. Use cash. It’s a fact, it’s much easier to overspend if you choose to use plastic over cash. Leave the debit/credit cards at home and put only the amount of cash that you anticipate needing in your wallet. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!
  6. Don’t touch the thermostat in your home.  Set it at a comfortable temperature and leave it there.
  7. Don’t impulse shop. Have a clear mission each time you enter a store and don’t become swayed by purchasing unneeded items on impulse.
  8. Shop consignment sales. You will be amazed at the deals you will find at consignment sales or thrift shops. Try it out!
  9. Make your own household cleansers, including laundry detergent. If I can do it, you most certainly can. It’s easier than you think!
  10. Pay your bills on time. Avoid late fees. Bills are expensive enough, who wants to pay more simply because you procrastinated?! You’re throwing your hard earned money away by doing this.

 What other monthly money-saving tips do you have?

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