How Kidzmet Saved Our Homeschool

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How Kidzmet Saved Our Homeschool

When people find out that my daughters are in the same grade, I usually get some sort of comment about how nice it must be to not have to teach multiple grades.

While it is nice, there is a misconception that since my children are in same grade, I must only have to put half the energy into teaching and planning. That could not be farther from the truth.

My daughters may be in the same grade, but their learning styles are completely different. Almost everything that I teach is taught in two separate ways. I didn’t always grasp this concept though.

For the first two years of our homeschooling experience, I tried to teach them the same material in the same manner. It was a disaster. One child would quickly grasp it, while the other would struggle leaving the first child bored and acting out. This ugly, vicious cycle would repeat each and every day.

It wasn’t until I heard about Kidzmet that I realized my children just might have different learning styles.


I signed up for a free parent account and both of my daughters took the free personality profile assessment.

The assessment took about 20 minutes to complete and I received the results immediately.

The results were right on! It was amazing to see just how deeply accurate the results were. Not only did it confirm what I already knew about my child, it also gave me a deeper insight into how she processes information and situations.

The results share your child’s personality type and learning style. Kidzmet will also email you an in depth analysis of your child’s results along with tips for parenting and teaching your child according to his/her traits.

I have one child who is an introverted feeler and a kinesthetic learner, and one child who is an extroverted thinker and a visual learner.

Could they possibly be more opposite?!

Because they are so different, I felt the need for more tips and advice in order to be the teacher/parent that my children need me to be. Conveniently, Kidzmet offers a wonderful resource called Learning Playbooks. These books are detailed, practical guides to understanding and parenting/teaching to your child’s unique individual traits. This book will give you strategies for teaching your child in an environment that he/she will actually be able to learn in.

I highly suggest every homeschool mother to have you child take this free assessment. Even if you feel like you already know your child’s learning style, you might be surprised by some of the results. Then, invest in the book. The longevity, success and sanity of your homeschool depend on it!

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  1. At what age are kids able to take the assessment (as in have the capability to do it)?

    1. Heather- they have a version for children who can read and a version for children who can’t {using pictures}. I just sat by my girls as they were completing it to make sure they understood what they were doing. 🙂

  2. Oh, it can get more opposite…….. 🙂

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