5 Steps for Preparing to End Your Homeschool Year

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5 Steps for Preparing to End Your Homeschool Year

Hallelujah! The end is near!

{Did I just say that?!}

Yes, I did. Don’t get me wrong, I love homeschooling, but near the end of the year burnout starts to set in.

It’s about this time that I start wondering, “okay, what exactly do we have to get done so that we can begin summer break?”

Are you there too?

Here are the 5 steps that you can take to prepare for the end of your homeschool year:

  1. Give yourself a break! There is no magic rule written somewhere that says you must finish every single lesson in your curriculum. Nope, that means not every page in the workbook must be done either. You know your children. If they grasp the concept, they grasp it. No need to for busy work!
  2. Keep track of your attendance. Does your state require a certain number of school days/hours? If so, have a good idea of how many more you must complete. If you find yourself running short, field trips are always a wonderful idea!
  3. Does your state require you to administer a standardized test? If so, now is the time to get those ordered and your testing dates scheduled. Are you confused by the entire idea of standardized testing? If so, maybe my Homeschooler’s Guide to Standardized Testing will help answer some of your questions.
  4. This is a great time to pause and think about your homeschool year while it is still fresh in your mind. What has worked well for you and what hasn’t? What changes do you plan to make for next year?
  5. And by far the most important thing of all….. CELEBRATE!! You’ve reached the end of another homeschool year! That is reason to party! Our family always makes a big deal out of finishing a school year. Need some ideas for fun ways to celebrate? Check out this post.

One last tip: consider selling your used curriculum to fund curriculum purchases for next year! There are many Facebook groups where you can buy and sell used curriculum.

As the year winds down, it is hard to stay motivated. I get that. But the end is in sight! Just a few more weeks and you will have made it through  another year. You’re doing awesome, Mom!



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