Getting Through the Bad Days

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Getting Through the Bad Days

The house is a mess. Clean laundry is in a pile on your bedroom floor. Dishes are overflowing in the sink. You snapped at your husband. You can’t remember the last time you two had a real conversation.

The school day ended with both teacher and student in tears. Again.

Maybe your mom was right. Maybe you should just send the kids to school like a “normal” person. You’ve given this homeschooling thing a try and it’s obviously not working. Maybe it’s just not for you. After all, you don’t have it all together like “Suzy Homeschool Mom of the Year” down the street. She makes it all look so easy.

True story. My bedroom floor. Right now.

Have you had a day like this?

I have. Even three years into this homeschooling life, I still have these days. I still have moments where I am sure God mistook me for someone else when He called me to homeschool.

I can’t figure out why I can’t get it {and keep it} together. I try and try and it all crumbles around me.

I realize these moments of doubt and insecurity come when I begin focusing on the situation in front of me instead of my God who goes before me.

My priorities are out of whack and when that happens, chaos is sure to follow. Satan waits for these moments. He sneaks in and whispers lies. Telling us we can’t and we shouldn’t, but God tells us differently. He tells us to trust Him because He can and He will.

So what do you, sweet homeschool mom? When you’re on the brink of burn out and ready to call it quits?

Try this.

Take a deep breath. Go somewhere you can be alone. Fall on your knees and cry out to God. He led you to this place. Surely He can take you by the hand and guide you through these hard times.

God knows you don’t have it all together. He knows that as hard as you try, you’ll never have it all together. But listen, He didn’t call you to this life because you had it all figured out, He called you because He wanted to do a work in your life and the lives of your children. Trust Him. Let Him do His work, it will be your greatest blessing.

Heavenly Father, it’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life. Help us to remember to keep focused on you and to put you first in our lives and everything else will fall into place. Remind us that even those these days seem to drag on forever, the years pass by so quickly.  We must cherish the little lives you’ve entrusted us with. Though we may not say it often enough, thank you for the opportunity to homeschool our children. We know the lessons and memories will go well beyond a textbook.  Lord, please give us strength and courage to face another day. Remind us that a happy child is more important than a clean house. Thank you for loving us enough to give us new mercies each morning. In Jesus’ sweet name we pray, Amen.

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  1. Thanks for your transparency Heather! I have found myself feeling that way a lot lately, and it is so comforting to see that I am not alone (as the devil would lead me to believe I am). I will continue to press on in this calling God has for my life, even during the hard days. One of my favorite posts. Great job.

    1. Thank you for your sweet words, Nicole.

  2. thank you…I needed this today…

  3. Thank you! I needed this today! I am trying to homeschool 3 and take care of a toddler and put up the remainder of our garden. I admit I am a bit overwhelmed! SO thankful that God knows!

  4. Such a lovely post! I am actually in the middle of one of *those* days – although it’s not homeschool related at the moment. Sigh. Great reminder – exactly what I needed today!

  5. I don’t even want to show you my living room right now….. I think sometimes we expect more from ourselves and like you said, forget to have the focus where it needs to be. Besides, to be refined we need the fire. 🙂

  6. I am not glad that you have days like this, but since you do, I appreciate your sharing. I love your bedroom floor, btw. ;>)

  7. Have so been here lately! Thx I needed this!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing Heather. I needed to be reminded that it is ok that I don’t have it all together. Thank you Lord that in the mist of those moments that You remind us to go to a spot and then and there get on our knees before You and cry out to You! You are our help indeed!

    1. Hi Alicia! I thought I was the only one too. It’s so nice to know there are other mothers out there who truly get what I am talking about! Praying for a great school year for your family!

  9. Heather, I am so glad God put us together as neighbors at GratiTuesday! He knew I needed to hear this. I am soooo thankful you posted that picture & for your honesty. I get too caught up in trying to be perfect in all areas. I think I’ve already threatened to send my 2 younger ones to the local public school 3 times in the 2 short weeks we’ve been schooling!! Blessings to you and thanks again for encouraging my heart!

    1. Hi Michelle! 🙂 I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve also threatened public school! Thank you for your sweet comment! Blessings!!

  10. Hi! I know this is an older post but I stumbled across it today and it really spoke to me. I had this day yesterday and it was so bad I decided we needed to take today off of school! It can get really hard trying to school my oldest when my other two are whining and crying and my husband is working crazy hours. Thank you for posting this. It was very encouraging to me 🙂

    1. Hi, Jennifer! Thanks for commenting. Bad days never cease do they? However, joy ALWAYS comes in the morning!! Be encouraged sweet friend!

  11. I just stumbled onto this. I so need it. We’ve had nothing but bad days lately, & I needed to be reminded that the Lord is in control- not me- and that maybe I need to lighten up and have some fun at this homeschooling adventure. I get too worried about what the state is going to think when I turn in our portfolio at the end of the year. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Hi, Linda! I pray that you are having a better day today. Those bad days seem to weigh us down, don’t they? Enjoy your children, focus less on what the state will think. You’re doing a great job, Mom!

  12. Thank you for this post it has helped me out a lot.

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂

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