Free 2016 Prayer Journal for Women

One of my goals for 2016 is to go deeper into my prayer life. I enjoy prayer time, but often times I sit down to pray and my mind begins to wonder. I’m definitely a pencil and paper kind of girl. It helps me to stay focused and to have a deeper prayer experience if […]

Prepare for Peace

This post is part of my ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays series. To see all posts in the series, click here. “Are you ready for Christmas?” “I usually have everything ready around January 19.” Yes, I’ve often answered this way. There was a time that I didn’t really feel ready for Christmas. Maybe my […]

Dear Uncertain Homeschooling Mom

Dear Uncertain Homeschooling Mama, I wish I could give you a hug right now. And just maybe have a chat over coffee. Because though I’ve been doing this for seven years, I still face so much uncertainty. And I’m not sure, but I kind of think there’s no end in sight. Because it’s that important.  […]

Growing in Motherhood: Growing Our Faith

A couple months ago I posted an article on my Facebook page that got some people talking. In it, a very frustrated mom used some naughty words around her kids. I don’t condone the use of such language, and don’t use it myself, but the frustration she felt… that was me. Out of that frustration and the fact […]

How to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing in Your Home

This is the time of year when I fantasize about summer. In the cozy realm of my imagination, warm temperatures replace frigid ones. A tank top and flip flops replace my heavy coat and boots. Lazy and carefree days at the pool replace my down-to-the-minute homeschool/blogging/ministry schedule. Vacations replace field trips. And long afternoons outside playing […]

Worth the Inconvenience

Pregnancy is not among my favorite things. My three pregnancies haven’t been miserable, by any means. Though I had my share of morning sickness, heartburn, and aches & pains, I have to admit that I didn’t have more than my share. Still, at its very best, pregnancy is a challenging time, even as it’s a […]

6 Ways to Teach Our Kids Gratitude

Most, if not all, homeschooling parents know that educating our children isn’t just about academics. It’s actually much more than that. It’s about preparing our children for the future, and, dare we say it, “raising saints.” One way to do this — to raise our children for the Lord — is to teach them gratitude. […]

Letting Go of Homeschool Pressure

I’m a completely committed blogger. Except when I’m not. But it’s not because I don’t want to be. It’s because, like you, there are so many things that compete for my attention, my time, and my energy. With the flurry of planning and adjusting that accompanies the first several weeks of school (not to mention […]

7 Ways to Build Self-Esteem…God’s Way!

“You can do anything you set your mind to.” “You have everything you need within yourself.” “Believe in yourself.” “Follow your heart.” I’m sure you recognize these statements that are so prevalent in our society today. They’re always spoken with the best of intentions, aiming to build up the self-esteem of the hearer. Unfortunately, I’m […]

FREE Devotional for Busy Moms {Limited time offer!}

Hi, busy mom. Are you struggling to find time in the Word each day? Are you feeling badly that while taking care of your family you don’t have as much time as you’d like for Bible study? Are you looking for a great new devotional to get you through a busy season? You need something […]

12 Bible Verses to Pray Over Your Homeschool

It’s that time of year! Fresh reams of paper, spiral-bound notebooks, and packages of pencils with full, perfect erasers have replaced the bottles of sunscreen, pool toys, and beach towels on store shelves. Our beloved summer is drawing to a close. Our bookshelves have been purged of last year’s materials, making way for supplies prepared […]

5 Books That Will Help Teach Your Toddler About Jesus

Since my husband and I have a toddler again in our home, we’ve been trying to expose her to more books on a more regular basis. Among her current favorite read-alouds are a few books that feature Jesus and other Bible characters — mostly board books that we bought when her older brother — our eldest […]

"Peace-full" Homeschool Planning

Summer, oh how I love you! From swimming pools to barbeques, vacation time to ice cream cones, summer is overflowing with many of my favorite things. Though many of us homeschooling moms might like to bury our heads in the sand and not think about school for the entire three months, the part of us […]

42-Day Men's Devotional

  Man of Christ: Becoming a Man of God by the Example of Jesus Christ is a wonderful 42-day men’s devotional. Ladies- this is a MUST read for your husbands and sons. Society has blurred the lines and left us utterly confused as to what it means to be a Man of God, but over […]

7 Ways to Help Kids Encounter God

Yesterday I considered the amazing reality that God wants to encounter your children and mine. Today I’d like to offer seven suggestions for how we can encourage our kids to encounter Him. Read God’s Word to them. “The Word of God is living and powerful…” (Hebrews 4:12). I’ve certainly experienced the power of God’s Word in my own […]

Divine Encounters…For Kids!

Here’s a jaw-droppingly beautiful truth: Jesus’ first priority for you is just to be with Him. Mark 3:14 tells us that “He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach.” Do you see how being with Him came first? Before the preaching, before the healing, before the […]

4 Lies Kids Believe (and you just might, too!)

Like it or not, we’re living in the “Information Age.” We’re bombarded with tidbits everywhere we go, aren’t we? An update here. A newsflash there. A weather alert now. Wait, here’s a status change! Google and Pinterest, smart phones and Amazon. It’s nearly impossible to escape the deluge! And all this information can be a good thing…as long as it’s based […]

The Most Amazing Day

This day is the most amazing day in my life as a parent! I requested to post today, specifically, because it’s my son’s birthday. Yay! But there’s more…it’s also my birthday! That’s right, we share a birthday. He was my present on the day I turned 25. (And hopefully you’re reading this before you’ve had […]

Spring Clean Yourself

The temperatures are getting warmer and days are getting longer.  It’s that time of year again, spring…and you know what the means… SPRING CLEANING! Time to get rid of the old and clean out all the unnecessary.  Time for a new beginning and clean home. While most of the time when people think about spring […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Easter to the Full!

It’s easy to be joyful on Easter. Lent is over and the Lord has risen. All is right with the world! But, sometimes, it’s all too easy to enjoy Easter baskets (edible or otherwise!) and do some other special things Easter week, and then go back to “normal”. Nothing could be further from the truth […]