Balancing Boundaries and Freedom with your Teen

Do you ever get frustrated when working with your teen?  One minute he is so mature, you forget he’s not an adult yet.  The next minute he does something so incredibly childish that you suddenly lock up with fear at the idea of releasing him out into the world on his own. The journey from […]

Are you Feeling Frustrated as a Homemaker?

  Are you having trouble finding value in homemaking? Let’s face it, life as a stay-at-home-mom, or homemaker, can be lonely. Add in homeschooling, and your days are spent having conversations with grade-schoolers and vacuuming between the couch cushions. We all have times we feel frustrated with our role at home, especially when we feel that our […]

March Kid-Approved Meal Plan

  See if any of these sound familiar: It’s 4:30 pm and you have no dinner plan. You fix dinner and the kids won’t eat it. You would have no problem cooking if someone would just tell you what to cook. Your kids are tired of having the same meals over and over. The thought […]

Turn a defiant ‘No’ Into Happy ‘Yes’

You fear the day when your toddler learns the word ’no’. It then becomes a word that they use for, let’s be honest here – EVERYTHING! Even when they do decide that they want something, it comes out ‘No’ first. I got so tired of hearing this word, that I took some of my teaching […]

7 Easy Steps to a Clean House {for moms who hate to clean}

I won’t beat around the bush here, I am no Susie Homemaker. I can cook and I can homeschool my children, but keeping the house organized and clutter-free is a thorn in my side. It’s not that I don’t know how to clean a house. No, it’s not that at all. It is simply that […]

Superhero Reading Comprehension Worksheet Pack

  This free Superhero Reading Comprehension Worksheet Pack is sure to make any reading assignment more fun. It can be used with any reading selection. Each pack contains the following three worksheets: To get your free Superhero Reading Comprehension Pack, simply enter your email address into the form below. A link to download the pack […]

5 Tips to Balance Your Time Between Marriage and Kids

Do you find yourself feeling as though you and your spouse are ships passing in the night? If you’re anything like us, we’re forever crossing paths on his way to work or kids’ activities. It seems that the housework is never done and that there is never time for us to sit back and focus […]

Free Disney Planning Kit

Is your family planning a trip to Disney World this year? If you’ve been to Disney before, you know that being prepared is the key to having the most amazing time. There is simply so much to see and do {and EAT!}, that you have to plan ahead to ensure you do everything that you […]

7 Easy Ways to Combat Homeschool Burnout Right Now

Have you lost the joy in homeschooling? Sunday night do you find yourself dreading the coming of a new week? Are you experiencing some of the symptoms of homeschool burnout? Are any of these things that cause homeschool burnout playing a part in your life right now? If you answered yes to any of these […]

The Homeschool Event of the Year!

Great Homeschool Conventions is a wonderful sponsor of Life of a Homeschool Mom. If you have never been to a Great Homeschool Convention, you owe it yourself and your homeschool to make a trip to an event near you! Check out all of the wonderful speakers and workshops they have planned for 2016! The Homeschool […]

Cherry Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

As a busy mom of two, I’m always on the hunt for recipes that can pull double duty. If I can make something that my kids can eat for breakfast or for a snack, I’m all in. Bonus points if the recipe is quick and easy to make, tastes great and is healthy to boot. […]

7 {preventable} Things that Cause Homeschool Burnout

It seems to be about this time every year that homeschool burnout really tends to set in for me. We’ve been back to our normal schedule for a month or so since Christmas and I’ve really just had enough. Typically though, it isn’t homeschooling itself that I’m burned out with, it’s other situations surrounding our […]

7 {funny but true} Signs of Homeschool Burnout

It seems like this is that magical time of the year when homeschooling has lost it’s appeal. You’ve slipped into a mundane rut and your passion is left dwindling. What you are experiencing is called homeschool burnout, and you are not alone. I know because I have been there too many times to count- that is […]

10 Things Your Teen Needs From You

Raising children is a job that’s constantly changing.  Just when you think you get one phase figured out, they grow into something new.  As our children become teenagers, they seem to need us less than they did when they were younger.  The truth is, they still need us.  Their needs are just different now.  Although […]

Help! I Homeschool and I Can’t Get It All Done!

Help! I Homeschool & I Can’t Get It All Done! 4 Tips to Help You Get More Done! As a mom of five, I’m always asked, “How do you get it all done?” I’m always struck with the urge to say something highly sarcastic for shock value like, “Well, Martha Stewart is my mother-in-law” or […]

Printable LEGO Valentine Bookmarks

These free printable LEGO Valentine Bookmarks are sure to be a hit at any Valentine’s party! Simply download the file, print on cardstock, and your Valentines are ready to go! Click here to download your free set today!   Don’t miss my free printable Star Wars Valentine Bookmarks!

Free Alphabet Books with Photographs

Teaching your children the alphabet is easier when photographs are involved! The Measured Mom has a set of 26 Free Alphabet Books with Photographs! Be sure to stop by and download your free copies!

Free Groundhog Day Activity Pack

Groundhog Day is just around the corner and you can make this fun day part of your homeschooling with this Free Groundhog Day Activity Pack from Embark on the Journey! Stop by and download your free pack today!

Free Octonauts PreK-K Pack

The Relaxed Homeschool has a Free Octonauts PreK-K Pack with fun counting, tracing and coloring pages your kids will love! Stop by and download your free copy today!

Free Valentine Preschool Letter Worksheets

Your preschoolers will have fun working on writing their letters this Valentine’s Day with these Free Valentine Preschool Letter Worksheets from Learning 2 Walk! Stop by and download your copy today!