What You Need to Understand About Your Teen

How well do you know your teen?  It was easier when they were little, wasn’t it?  You knew that he wanted the crust cut off his sandwich and she couldn’t sleep well without that certain stuffed animal.  You could easily rattle off the name of his favorite Ninja Turtle or her favorite princess.  You knew […]

5 Reasons I Want My Kids to be Bored

I have two tween girls, and I cannot tell you how many times I hear the phrase “I’m bored”. Seriously, I can’t even keep track. It used to bother me. I would instantly want to “fix” their boredom….but now, I encourage boredom. I look forward to the times when they come whining to me that […]

6 Ways to Help Your Teens When They Blunder

Learning how to behave like a mature responsible adult is hard work.  The transition from child to adult is fraught with opportunities for foibles and failures, missteps and misunderstandings.  As parents, it’s our job to guide our teens through this turbulent time so they can learn from their mistakes and grow in wisdom. We have […]

7 Tips for Helping Tweens Through Life Transitions

The tween years are difficult years. When we think of childhood transitions, we often think of Kindergarten or teen year transitions, but the tween years often aren’t mentioned. The truth is these children are in an awkward positions. They aren’t “little kids” anymore, but they aren’t teenagers yet either. My daughters are 10 and 11 […]

Receive your Teen as a Gift

Even before a new baby is born, the parents imagine the person their child will eventually become.   Newborn infants are adorned with favorite sports teams paraphernalia and dressed up to look like miniature versions of their parents. We act as though our children are blank slates we’ve been given to write the story we want […]

Easter Activities for Toddlers

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by today! It has been a long winter, right? Easter is right around the corner and it is time to embrace spring and make some new memories. I’ll bet you are ready for that too! Tell me, does what I am about to say sound all too familiar? There are […]

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Balancing Boundaries and Freedom with your Teen

Do you ever get frustrated when working with your teen?  One minute he is so mature, you forget he’s not an adult yet.  The next minute he does something so incredibly childish that you suddenly lock up with fear at the idea of releasing him out into the world on his own. The journey from […]

Turn a defiant ‘No’ Into Happy ‘Yes’

You fear the day when your toddler learns the word ’no’. It then becomes a word that they use for, let’s be honest here – EVERYTHING! Even when they do decide that they want something, it comes out ‘No’ first. I got so tired of hearing this word, that I took some of my teaching […]

10 Things Your Teen Needs From You

Raising children is a job that’s constantly changing.  Just when you think you get one phase figured out, they grow into something new.  As our children become teenagers, they seem to need us less than they did when they were younger.  The truth is, they still need us.  Their needs are just different now.  Although […]

4 Moments to Enjoy with Your Toddler

The afternoon nap time I had scheduled to sit down and write this, my first post for Life of a Homeschool Mom, I was interrupted only 10 minutes later by my toddler. That’s right, a 10 minute nap. When I went in to find out what was wrong and why her exhausted little body wouldn’t […]

The Day I Lost My Child and the Lesson I Learned Seven Years Later

I clearly remember that day. We were in the grocery store. My 4 year old was in the cart, and my five year old was walking beside the cart, holding my hand. I dropped her little hand and turned slightly to the side and bent down to grab a case of bottled water from the […]

Free Responsibility Interactive Book

Teach your children the importance of being responsible, what chores and tasks they are responsible for and more with this Free Responsibility Interactive Book from Life Over C’s! Stop by and download your free copy today!

Free Transcript & Grade Report Printables

Keeping track of your student’s transcripts and grades is important, especially as your kids are getting older. Ed Snapshots has a set of Free Transcript and Grade Report Printables for you to use and you can download them here!

Free Advent Cards

Advent is just around the corner and This Reading Mama has a set of Free Advent Cards for you to use this Christmas season. Stop by and download your free copy today!

Tools to Teach Your Children to Express Gratitude

  Introducing….. My Book of Thanks: a 25 Day Gratitude Journal for Kids Help develop a spirit of Thanksgiving in your kids with this fun, 29-page printable keepsake book where they can express their gratitude through journaling. My Book of Thanks: a 25 Day Gratitude Journal for Kids includes: instructions and ideas on how to […]

Blog Posts to Help You Become a Better Homeschool Mom

Well, mamas, it’s the end of another homeschool week! You made it!! I don’t know about you, but some weeks, I need all of the love and encouragement I can get. If this week is one of those weeks for you, you’ll love the posts I’ve chosen to feature in this week’s edition of Family […]

*FREE* Daily Schedule Activity Cards

  Teaching your kids how to get things done each day and stay on schedule is easy and fun with these Free Daily Schedule Activity Cards from And Next Comes L. Stop by and download your free copy today!

6 FREE Homeschool Science Resources

The internet is FULL of awesome free homeschooling resources and this week’s edition of Family Fun Friday proves it! As a homeschooling mom, I’m always looking for free projects and resources to supplement my curriculum. This week, I’m featuring some fun {and free} homeschool science resources. I hope you can add some of these to […]

*FREE* Behavior Charts

  If you’re looking to teach your children more than academics. ACN Latitudes has Free Behavior Charts for you to download here!

*FREE* Teach Us to Pray Cards for Kids

Praying with our children before they go to sleep is an important part of teaching them how to build a relationship with God. Path Through the Narrow Gate has 2 sets of Free Teach Us to Pray Cards for Kids that will help you teach your children to pray by using God’s Word! Stop by […]