Free Weekly Planner & Menu Plan

I will be more organized in 2016. I will be more organized in 2016. I will be more organized in 2016. Do you think if I keep repeating it to myself, it will actually happen? Seriously though, I’m sure many of you {like me} made a goal to become more organized in 2016. For me, […]

10 Tips for Getting Organized at Home

The new year always feels like a fresh start, but resolutions can make us feel pressured to make a drastic change right away. Instead, I like to look to the end of the next year, and think about what I would like to have accomplished. I’m hoping to have a more clean and organized home, […]

FREE Hello Kitty Chore Charts

    Is your child old enough to start helping out around the house? Are you looking for a fun way to motivate your child to do their chores? Does your child love Hello Kitty? If so, you’ll love my FREE Cute Kitty Chore Charts! There are seven different designs to choose from so that […]

Easy Homemaking for Busy Moms

Can I make a HUGE confession here? I’m a horrible, horrible homemaker. I can do the homeschooling thing. I can do the work at home mom thing. I can EVEN do the homeschooling while working from home thing. But I just cannot seem to grasp the homemaking thing. Not even a little bit. My poor […]

How to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing in Your Home

This is the time of year when I fantasize about summer. In the cozy realm of my imagination, warm temperatures replace frigid ones. A tank top and flip flops replace my heavy coat and boots. Lazy and carefree days at the pool replace my down-to-the-minute homeschool/blogging/ministry schedule. Vacations replace field trips. And long afternoons outside playing […]

5 Simple Tips to Decorate for the Holidays

The honest to goodness hardest part of the holidays for me is decorating. I don’t know why. My mom was a virtual Martha Stewart when it came to decorating for the holidays. I’m just not. I do try, and I have the best of intentions, but I don’t. Then, I feel bad. Bringing the atmosphere […]

Wise Decor Wall Decals Giveaway

Do you want to spruce up a room in your home? Are you looking for a frugal way to make a room in your home reflect your personality? Consider a beautiful personalized wall decal from Wise Decor. Their beautiful wall decals give the look of a hand-painted design instantly. They come in dozens of colors […]

Living Intentionally: Day 3- Decluttering Your Calendar

Day three and we are still going strong! I hope that you will continue to declutter your surroundings (see Day 2) by simplifying your home throughout the remainder of this challenge. One of the best ways to ensure you are not able to live intentionally is by spreading yourself too thin, so today we are […]

Living Intentionally: Day 2- Decluttering Your Surroundings

I believe the key to living intentionally is to first simplify our lives. When chaos abounds, we can’t be intentional about anything, and this is true for many areas of our lives. Today we are going to focus on decluttering our surroundings. I don’t know about you, but more often than not a person can […]

Learning to Live Intentionally Challenge

  I originally shared this challenge one year ago. As the holiday season approaches, I feel like it is important to take the challenge again, so I am revamping the posts in the series and reigniting my passion to live intentionally. Will you join me? I’m wasting my days. These precious, numbered days are truly […]

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #39 { The Homemaker's Mentor }

I received a free copy of The Homemaker’s Mentor in exchange for an honest review of their product. I was not required to write a positive review. The honest opinions expressed below are my own. A few weeks ago, I shared with you guys how God is developing my heart for my home, and isn’t […]

Busy Mom’s Printable To-Do List

Is there anyone else like me who loves to make to-do lists? There is just something freeing and empowering about crossing things off that list, so much so that sometimes I even write tasks I’ve already completed just so that I can mark them off. Ha! Yes, I’m an odd cookie. I know that. But […]

Losing My Job and Finding Peace

Two weeks ago, I very unexpectedly lost my job. Since I was basically our sole income source, this came as a big shock to our family. However, I truly can’t say that I was ever upset. I was filled with an unexplainable sense of peace. Heather Bowen Heather Bowen is the founder and owner of […]