When Your Marriage Doesn’t Go As Planned

Most people I know have a plan for their marriage. I know that my husband and I planned to have a fulfilling marriage, to love one another, to have children, to pray for one another, to be debt-free, and a plethora of other things. And I am guessing that those reading this article made plans […]

5 Reasons I Want My Kids to be Bored

I have two tween girls, and I cannot tell you how many times I hear the phrase “I’m bored”. Seriously, I can’t even keep track. It used to bother me. I would instantly want to “fix” their boredom….but now, I encourage boredom. I look forward to the times when they come whining to me that […]

6 Ways to Help Your Teens When They Blunder

Learning how to behave like a mature responsible adult is hard work.  The transition from child to adult is fraught with opportunities for foibles and failures, missteps and misunderstandings.  As parents, it’s our job to guide our teens through this turbulent time so they can learn from their mistakes and grow in wisdom. We have […]

Receive your Teen as a Gift

Even before a new baby is born, the parents imagine the person their child will eventually become.   Newborn infants are adorned with favorite sports teams paraphernalia and dressed up to look like miniature versions of their parents. We act as though our children are blank slates we’ve been given to write the story we want […]

4 Ways Marriage is Like Homeschooling

Over the last 11 years of homeschooling I have realized how similar marriage and homeschooling really are. Sounds crazy, right? I agree. I mean what in the world does a holy covenant of matrimony have in common with teaching your children – not to mention all the chaos and child-rearing that go along with that. […]

5 Tips to Balance Your Time Between Marriage and Kids

Do you find yourself feeling as though you and your spouse are ships passing in the night? If you’re anything like us, we’re forever crossing paths on his way to work or kids’ activities. It seems that the housework is never done and that there is never time for us to sit back and focus […]

Free Animal Charades for Kids

Change up your next family game night with these fun and Free Animals Charades for Kids from Buggy and Buddy! Your whole family will have fun with this new version of charades, so stop by and download your free copy today!

Free Advent Cards

Advent is just around the corner and This Reading Mama has a set of Free Advent Cards for you to use this Christmas season. Stop by and download your free copy today!

*FREE* Screen Time Tracking Sheets for Kids

How do you handle screen time with your children? If you need a way to help you, and them, track their time on screens, come over to Worshipful Living and get the free Screen Time Tracking Sheet Printables. With one for boys and one for girls, these are sure to be a fun way to […]

*FREE* Jesus is the Way Scripture Cards

  Grounding your children in God’s word and teaching them that Jesus is THE way is simple with these Free Jesus is the Way Scripture Cards from Kids in the Word! Stop by and download your free copy today!

*FREE* Teach Us to Pray Cards for Kids

Praying with our children before they go to sleep is an important part of teaching them how to build a relationship with God. Path Through the Narrow Gate has 2 sets of Free Teach Us to Pray Cards for Kids that will help you teach your children to pray by using God’s Word! Stop by […]

*FREE* Printable Love Notes for Kids

  Make a difference in your child’s life while teaching them God’s word to hide in their hearts with these Free Printable Love Notes for Kids from Path Through the Narrow Gate! Stop by and download your copy today!

*FREE* Peaceful Home Toolkit for Moms

  Bring peace back into your home with this Free Peaceful Home Toolkit for Moms from Proverbial Homemaker! Inside you’ll find a meal planner, do not disturb door hangers and more! Stop by and download your free copy today!

5 Fun and Faith-Filled Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is usually associated with romance, chocolates, sweet gifts and everything related to love. Although it’s considered nowadays as more of a “secular holiday,” causing some people to either love it or hate it, I think it would do us well to try to trace the roots of this holiday, and teach our kids […]

Dear Uncertain Homeschooling Mom

Dear Uncertain Homeschooling Mama, I wish I could give you a hug right now. And just maybe have a chat over coffee. Because though I’ve been doing this for seven years, I still face so much uncertainty. And I’m not sure, but I kind of think there’s no end in sight. Because it’s that important.  […]

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The cold air blows in and covers the area with a wintry shine. Some days the cold brings a chance for togetherness and bonding. Some days the cold brings just coldness. Through the cold, we can keep the warmth even through the winter blues. Many people feel blue in the winter. It’s not just a […]

How to Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing in Your Home

This is the time of year when I fantasize about summer. In the cozy realm of my imagination, warm temperatures replace frigid ones. A tank top and flip flops replace my heavy coat and boots. Lazy and carefree days at the pool replace my down-to-the-minute homeschool/blogging/ministry schedule. Vacations replace field trips. And long afternoons outside playing […]

3 Tips for Perfect Holiday Plans

The holidays evoke different emotions for everyone. For some, the winter holidays bring feelings of warmth and nostalgia, while others are consumed with tension and dread. Even if you have a family you enjoy spending time with, things get a bit stickier when you get married, and then again when you have kids. You have even more […]

25 Ways to Celebrate Advent with Kids {free printable}

      Christmas is one of my most FAVORITE holidays of the entire year. However, for this family, celebrating the countdown aspect of it (i.e. all of the Advent traditions) really didn’t start until just a few years ago. I had stumbled upon a ‘Jesse Tree’ (google Ann Voskamp’s amazing blog) Well, sure I […]

Christmas Family Fun Bucket

I’m happy to be participating in the ABCs of Homeschooling Through the Holidays Series hosted by Heather at Upside Down Homeschooling!  The letter for this post is Ffor Family Fun Bucket.  Twas the night before December at the Smith house kitchen table….the family was enjoying their Family Fun Bucket instead of watching cable….   Several […]