Favorite Things Memory Box

DIY Frugal Christmas Gift- Favorite Things Memory Box

Celebrate your favorite things in this journaling box!

This is a project that is easy for kids to make, and it is sure to become a meaningful keepsake. We made these for grandparent gifts, but they could be adapted for almost anyone. Look around and see what supplies you have on-hand that could be used for this project. We only purchased the recipe boxes and found the rest of the supplies in our stash!


  • Fabric scraps
  • Patterned paper, such as wrapping paper scraps or scrapbook paper
  • Decoupage medium, such as Mod Podge
  • White school glue
  • Small piece of sand paper or emery board nail file
  • Cardboard recipe-style box
  • Index cards
  • Index card dividers, unless your box comes with dividers
  • Embellishments


  • First, measure all sides, top, and bottom of box. Cut fabric or paper into pieces to fit each area of the box and glue in place. Young children might need some help with measuring and cutting. I found it easier to squirt some white glue on a paper plate and let my children use a paint brush to apply it. Alternatively, you could paint the box with acrylic paints instead of covering it.
  • After glue has dried thoroughly, lightly sand all the edges to create a finished look and even up any ragged pieces.
  • Paint a light coat of Mod Podge on all sides, and then set out to dry.
  • Glue on an embellishments, such as charms, silk flowers, buttons, seashells, fishing lures, etc.

Now for the fun part!

  • Once your box is ready, it’s time to add the cards. We used scrapbook paper scraps to make borders for the index cards and to decorate the dividers. You can also use stickers or even cut scraps from old magazines.
  • Label the dividers with categories, such as Memories, Food, Books, Travel, Music, Hobbies, and Quotes.
  • Either type or write instructions to include on the first card:

“Share a little bit about yourself by writing top ten lists on different subjects or places in time that you’d like to document. For example, your top ten best vacation memories, top ten things children say, or top ten Scripture verses. This is designed to take only a few minutes to complete each card.”

  • Pre-number several cards from 1-10, and place a few behind each divider. Add several blank cards to each section as well.

Memories in the Making!

My children filled out a card for each box with their 10 favorite things about Grandma (tea parties, “kid’s club” in the back yard, and playing “Mrs. T’s Restaurant,”) and their 10 favorite things about Granny (playing Sorry and pick-up sticks, her macaroni and cheese, and her banana pudding.)

Your recipient will enjoy completing cards and filling their boxes with memories. Be sure to ask that they share them with you!

This post is part of the 25 Frugal Days of Christmas series and was written by Anne from Learning Table.

Anne Campbell is mother to three boys (in every sense of the word!) and a homeschooler for the past ten years with the support of her husband of 25 years. She is a freelance writer, copy editor, and columnist for Home Educating Family magazine, and a member of the Home Educating Family review team. As a former classroom teacher, Anne loves to share resources and ideas to encourage other moms and homeschoolers. When she and her boys are not in their schoolroom, they spend as much time as possible exploring nature and seizing learning opportunities whenever they appear. You can find Anne at Learning Table.

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