What You Need to Understand About Your Teen

How well do you know your teen?  It was easier when they were little, wasn’t it?  You knew that he wanted the crust cut off his sandwich and she couldn’t sleep well without that certain stuffed animal.  You could easily rattle off the name of his favorite Ninja Turtle or her favorite princess.  You knew […]

Easy Old Fashioned Red, White and Blue Wreath DIY

Easy DIY Old Fashioned Red, White and Blue Wreath *This post contains affiliate links. Please read my website disclosure policy for more information. Can you believe that we’re heading into summer? We lighten our homeschool workload and spend a little more time relaxing during the hot summer days, enjoying barbecues and family time. Late Spring […]

7 Reasons Homeschool Dads Are The Best

In honor of Father’s Day this week, I thought it was only appropriate to give a HUGE shout out to the amazingly wonderful homeschool dads out there! Most dads are pretty amazing, but homeschool dads, they top them all….and here’s why: 7 Reasons Homeschool Dads Are The Best You come home and save the day! […]

Star Wars Father’s Day Cards {3 styles to choose from}

  Save money on your Father’s Day cards by giving the Best Dad in the Galaxy one of these awesome {and FREE} printable 5×7 Star Wars Father’s Day Cards! With three fun designs to choose from, these cards are sure to be a hit! Simply download the cards,  print {we prefer using cardstock}, and you’re […]

The 10 Commandments for Homeschooling Moms

Homeschooling is a tough business, and it is very easy for us homeschooling moms to get so focused on the little things that we miss the big picture. Often times, we need a plan to keep us in line and focused on the important things. We need a framework to hold us together. Just like […]

When Your Marriage Doesn’t Go As Planned

Most people I know have a plan for their marriage. I know that my husband and I planned to have a fulfilling marriage, to love one another, to have children, to pray for one another, to be debt-free, and a plethora of other things. And I am guessing that those reading this article made plans […]

5 Reasons I Want My Kids to be Bored

I have two tween girls, and I cannot tell you how many times I hear the phrase “I’m bored”. Seriously, I can’t even keep track. It used to bother me. I would instantly want to “fix” their boredom….but now, I encourage boredom. I look forward to the times when they come whining to me that […]

10 Reasons We Love Audio Dramas from Heirloom Audio

I was compensated for this review. The opinions expressed are 100% mine and I was not required to write a positive review. As a homeschooling mother, I am always looking for ways to make learning more fun for my daughters which is why I was so excited when I was contacted by Heirloom Audio with […]

Why I Chose an Online World Language Curriculum

This is a sponsored post from Middlebury Interactive. As a homeschool mom of four, I have heard frustration in homeschool circles when it comes to choosing a world language curriculum. There are many options, but without expertise in that area, quite a few homeschool parents feel frustrated determining which option is best for their children. Even as a […]

6 Ways to Help Your Teens When They Blunder

Learning how to behave like a mature responsible adult is hard work.  The transition from child to adult is fraught with opportunities for foibles and failures, missteps and misunderstandings.  As parents, it’s our job to guide our teens through this turbulent time so they can learn from their mistakes and grow in wisdom. We have […]

College at Home- Is that possible?

College at Home? It just makes CENTS. One of the easiest ways to save money is to not spend it in the first place. Think for a moment. Where does your money go? How do you invest financially in your kids? Are you preparing for the future? Let’s face it. More often than not, our […]

Homeschool Mom’s Tool Kit Giveaway {$450+ Value}

As a homeschooling mom, I know there are certain homeschooling tools that I simply can’t function without. I’m sure you have your list of must-have items as well, right? I was curious to see which items other homeschooling moms just can’t live without, so I asked the question “What is one thing that you could […]

Win $3500+ worth of Homeschool Curriculum!

This post contains affiliate links. The 2016 Build Your bundle Sale is for ONE-WEEK ONLY – May 16-23, 2016. Sign up to be reminded when the sale goes live here, or ENTER the BIG GIVEAWAY, and you will automatically get reminded! Get a FREE Bonus Book Full of Coupons, Deals, and FREEBIES (over $250 in […]

5 Ways to Celebrate the End of a School Year

The end is here! Be honest, there were times during these past nine months that you thought this day would never come, didn’t you? I know, because I did too. You’ve worked hard. They’ve worked hard. And finally…finally…the school year is over! It’s time to celebrate!! Having an end of year celebration is something that […]

Star Wars Student Planner {freebie}

May the 4th is right around the corner and it seems like everyone is in Star Wars mode! If you have Star Wars fans in your home, be sure to download my free Star Wars Student Planner. This fun student planner includes the following pages: 8 cover page options {your child can choose his/her favorite […]

No More Math Struggles- REALLY!

Have you been searching high and low for something to help your child with math? Are today’s methods for teaching math, along with common core instruction making you absolutely insane? Help is here! Systematic Mathematics offers an end to your math struggles and frustration, and the chance for your students to succeed in math with our non-consumable DVD […]

5 Reasons Intimacy Should be Included on Your Calendar

Does it ever seem that you and your spouse have a tough time focusing on your physical relationship? Did the intimacy you once shared seem to disappear about the same time that you became parents? Once the honeymoon has ended, many couples have a difficult time building intimacy into their routine. A few changes to […]

7 Tips for Helping Tweens Through Life Transitions

The tween years are difficult years. When we think of childhood transitions, we often think of Kindergarten or teen year transitions, but the tween years often aren’t mentioned. The truth is these children are in an awkward positions. They aren’t “little kids” anymore, but they aren’t teenagers yet either. My daughters are 10 and 11 […]

21-Day Fix Chipotle Burrito Bowl Recipe

If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I have recently been making some changes in my life….specifically in my health. I am currently on Day 9 of the 21-Day Fix and I am absolutely loving it. Is it hard? Harder than I even imagined. Am I excited to press play on […]

Cleaning Hack-How to Easily Clean Baked on Grease!

How to Easily Clean Baked on Grease! What’s your least favorite household chore? I have to say other than cleaning the bathroom, I hate washing dishes. I’m great at soaking dishes, especially when they have baked on grease, which happens more often than not if I’m cooking dinner. I recently discovered an awesome cleaning hack […]